Frequently Asked Questions

Will this app work on my specific dog?

Most likely, yes. And if not at this moment in time, it probably will eventually. This is because we are constantly working on improving the recognition. If you want to support our efforts, download the app, and test it on your dog. If it does not recognize them, you have the option to send us a screenshot of your dog to help us improve our software. Additionally, the app has a number of built in dogs, so you can still play with it even if it does not yet work on your specific dog. Send us a tweet @2020cv_inc of your dog and we can test it for you

Can I get a refund if it does not work on my dog?

We have no means to provide a refund unfortunately, but you can attempt to get one through your receipt from Apple.

What about cats?

Cats will be added in a separate app in the future!

Is there going to be an Android version?

If the iOS version does well in the App Store, yes.

Will it work on my iPhone?

If you have an iPhone that supports ARKit, yes it will (iPhone 6S or newer)

Are you going to add more filters, masks, and pre-recorded dogs?

Yes, we plan to update every 1-2 weeks.